Hydra Constructions

Constructions & Renovations



With 25 years of personal experience and having apprenticed as a child next to my father Georgios Chalkidis, who was, admittedly, one of the best contractors-craftsmen of the island, I continue the tradition with knowledge and love for the subject


According to the legislation and the decision of ΣτΕ (The Hellenic Council of State): 1248/2016 (ΤΜ.Ε ‘), Hydra has been subject to a special protection regime as its entire settlement has a monumental character and there is currently no opportunity to build on unstructured plots. Only building on plots on which there were buildings in the past is ALLOWED and this must be proven by contracts, photos, autopsy or other data. Therefore, the reconstruction of a building similar to the one whose existence can be proven is allowed.

It is a fact that efforts are being made by various bodies to change this in the future and to have the opportunity to build on unstructured plots again, but always with specific criteria and in accordance with the traditional architecture of Hydra. But it is difficult to predict when and if.